Tiger UHT

Tiger UHT ("Unterstützungshubschrauber" Tiger, or support helicopter Tiger) is operated by Heeresflieger (Aviation Army) at Germany Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).

The German Tiger UHT multi-role fire support helicopters is fitted with a 70mm rocket system including BHIR firing control system and 19-tube (FZ225) lightweight composite rocket launchers.

70 mm rocket system

Versatile 70 mm unguided rocket system (change of rocket type without change of any fixed part on helicopter).

  • Rocket launcher (up to 38 rockets) :
    • 2 inner or outer 19-tube rocket launchers FZ225
  • Firing control system :

BHIR for:

  • rocket inner pods elevation
  • programming of  time setting fuze for firing of rocket with subprojectile warheads (FZ122 or FZ149)
  • rocket types (mixed loading with different warheads)
  • Rockets :


  • Attack
  • Ground fire support
  • Escort
  • Armed reconnaissance
  • Air-to-Air combat