Rocket Launcher

Thales Belgium offers a wide range of lightweight composite and metallic rocket launchers for guided and unguided WA (wrap around) or FFAR (Folding Fin Aerial Rocket) rockets designed to be used on armed helicopters, aircraft, UAV or vehicles.

All rocket launchers support single and ripple mode firing and operational temperature range are between - 45°C to +66°C.

Rocket launcher are adapted and perfectly integrated onto the aircraft using the NATO standard 14“ suspension lugs.

FZ® rocket launchers are completely ITAR free.

All our rocket launchers are designed to be easily maintainable thanks to a removable detent mechanism :

  • Replacement of certain worn out components after 10 firings
  • min. 30 firings


Rocket launcher performances

Firing mode

Ripple / single

Dual purpose

Designed for firing both types of FZ 2.75’’ FFAR and WA

Rocket motors

Designed for conventional FZ 2.75’’  with remote set fuze warhead

Intervalometry for ripple mode

> 80ms firing interval (min) for lightweight launchers
> 40 or 60ms firing interval for aluminium launchers