Quality can never be compromised. Thales Belgium has highly experienced and competent experts to manage a tight quality control process and take responsibility for the whole quality process.

Thales Belgium takes global responsibility for the quality of their systems.  The company inspects product quality at every step of the development and production by doing, among others, environmental tests and safety analyses.

Thales Belgium mainly works with local partners and suppliers who guarantee a very high level of quality, supported by Audits.

Thales Belgium’s skills and rigour are recognized by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate which includes compliance with the NATO AQAP 110 certification.

A representative of the National Defence (Belgian Army) is permanently based within the Thales Belgium (BL VTS) premises in Herstal.  His role is among other to attend all the Quality audits, to control the correct and strict application of AQAP methods and other Quality procedures. He has been also designated by certain armies as GQAR (Governmental Quality Assurance Representative) to follow-up their contracts and conduct acceptance testing of our products on their behalf.

Being ISO 9001:2015 certified, Thales Belgium is continuously driven to bring and keep all processes in line with the defence sector quality requirements and to continuously improve them in quality, time to market and cost.

To attain the highest level of customer satisfaction, all of our employees are committed to our quality policy to continuous efforts to achieve and deliver on the basis of an effective QS system the best products and services fully satisfying our customers or end users requirements.


Thales Belgium receives ISO 9001 quality-assurance certification in 2004.

AQAP 110

Certification of AQAP110 quality system by Belgian Army received in 1985.

Meanwhile substituted by ISO9001:2015 certification.