Global services

State-of-the-art rocket systems combined with excellent technical support are the most important assets for a continuous customer satisfaction and long term business relationship.

Apart from these products, our qualified staff members and engineers are providing numerous high-tech engineering services in order to deliver excellence to customers and end-users on the five continents as well as integrated logistics support in the field of 70mm rocket system :

  • Maintenance procedure at O, I & D levels
  • Test and specialised equipment
  • Training (on-site, in-house)
  • Installation test equipment
  • Technical assistance
  • Ballistic algorithms and firing tables
  • FMECA/Safety analysis
  • Technology transfer
  • Support to aircraft integration procedure and certificate of military airworthiness for aircraft manufacturers (OEM) and users

Military Airworthiness Certification

Our staff members have direct experience with certifying rocket systems on military fixed wings or rotary wings aircraft and have dealt extensively with different end-users on developmental processes and airworthiness determination.

Military aircraft are complex and highly capable systems. It requires years of experience to understand what it takes to deliver and sustain airworthy and safe systems.

Our knowledge stems from hands on experience covering various aspects from defining Air Force policy for airworthiness, incorporating airworthiness and safety into systems engineering processes in a cost effective and streamlined application, leading first flight independent reviews, risk and hazard analysis and assisting to certify rocket systems as airworthy.

Thales can assist end-users, OEM manufacturers (aircraft & helicopters) with key airworthiness planning and support by:

  • Developing and clarifying what is essential to cover in an airworthiness plan the reasons why it is necessary, and what the government expects industry to propose and do
  • Supporting decisions and rationale for certification approach
  • Including airworthiness criteria into the integrated master plan and technical reviews efficiently to minimize cost and schedule risk
  • Meeting and understanding end user requirements
  • Supplemental type certification : understanding major modification requirements
  • Interpreting policy, understanding military expectations and risk management
  • Program planning and strategy development: requirements for the airworthiness plan
  • Assessing adequacy of programs risk and hazard analyses
  • Assisting in planning for and defining technical measures as entrance and exit criteria required to successfully conduct program technical reviews
  • Assisting in determining if requisite airworthiness requirements are satisfied to enable first flight release
  • Assisting in preparing for airworthiness board reviews

Technical Assistance

Thales Belgium provides prompt, responsive solutions to day-to-day technical issues and for all routine, urgent requests to support rocket system operation by :

  • providing maintenance support of rocket systems to assure technical knowledge transfer to the new users and ensure a successful start up
  • Assisting operators, armourer and pilots to utilize our products in a safe, efficient and economic manner
  • Troubleshooting assistance and procedures
  • Covering requests for technical information
  • Defining maintenance intervals and procedures for the configuration
  • Offering a field support including extensive front-line services to end users on location
  • Assisting operators to integrate efficiently, safely and economically FZ® rocket systems with timely technical support and procedural information as required. 
  • Synchronising technical databases, document libraries and internal documentation ensuring that vital information can be recognized, distributed and acted on.


Our training program covers the full spectrum of rocket systems – each tailored to meet your needs.

From modular, just-in-time training to full graduate degree programs, Thales experts can provide exactly the education your team needs.

Our course developers and instructors have years' experience to train members of both government and industry workforces. We offer a range of solutions – from workshops to courseware to full programs – that not only teach your team the right skills.

We have many courses that can be tailored and scaled. Contact us to discuss how we might structure complete training for your team, including workshops, follow-on sessions, and one-on-one mentoring.

Training are usually offered in common european langauge such as English, French, German or Spanish but can also be proposed in a dedicated language.

ILS - Integrated Logistic Support

FZ provides its customers with comprehensive Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) to assure support & maintenance of FZ fielded rocket systems.

After-Sales Service department is intimately involved in the implementation of ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) throughout the lifecycle of FZ rocket systems.

This includes :

  • technical support and assistance
  • management of existing maintenance & services After-Sales contracts
  • sales of recommended spare-parts, maintenance & services for FZ rocket systems
  • documentation
  • training
  • all required assistance throughout the rocket system life cycle.

The After-Sales Service is part of our customer support services organisation.