Rocket system

70mm Rocket system : a key element in  the modern battlefield

Close Air Support (CAS) or Close Combat Attack (CCA) is an important element of the modern battlefield. Air-to-ground rocket systems are at the forefront of providing a high level of terminal effectiveness at low cost. Rocket systems are effective against most of the battlefield targets such as light armoured vehicles, infrastructure, light watercraft, etc.  They also can address missions like target marking or show of Force.

Moreover, as the land operations are becoming more complex, armed forces are facing missions where precision strike and the absence of collateral damage have become a priority. One recent focus has been on making air-to-ground rockets smarter by adding guided capability.

Unique amongst its competitors in its capability to provide integrated rocket systems

Thales Belgium provides complete integrated rocket systems to customers and end-users. Capable of handling all the 70mm rocket system components, we offer made-to-measure solutions, adapted to each end-user.

We supply our clients with a unique architecture system including, amongst others :

Other additional equipment (sighting unit, head up display helmet) can be supplied by our sister company within Thales Group.

Furthermore to respond to new market requirements, Thales Belgium has developped a laser guided version of its rockets. This new laser guided rocket, compatible with existing FZ® rocket systems and launchers in worldwide service, provides metric precision up to range of 6000 m.

Thales Belgium offers international standard rocket systems (2.75” calibre also called 70mm) in service in more than 30 different NATO's and other countries.