Tiger ARH

The Tiger ARH (Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter) is in operational use with the Australian Army.

The Tiger ARH is one of the world's most advanced armed reconnaissance helicopters. It incorporates cutting-edge weapon technology, including composite rocket launcher 70mm (FZ225 and FZ233) to minimise weight and extend mission duration. It's a key player in the each Army’s flying platform portfolio.

The rocket system 70mm can be controlled via the Helmet-Mounted Sight Display, which can direct the aim of the rocket accurately to where the pilot or weapon engineer is looking using sensors within the helmet and cockpit.

70mm rocket system

Versatile 70 mm unguided rocket system (change of rocket type without change of any fixed part on helicopter).

  • Rocket launcher (up to 52 rockets) :
    • 2 inner 19-tube rocket launchers FZ225
    • 2 outer 7-tube rocket launchers FZ233
  • Firing control system : BHIR for :
    • rocket inner pods elevation,
    • programming of  time setting fuze for firing of rocket with subprojectile warheads (FZ122 or FZ149)
    • rocket types (mixed loading with different warheads)
  • Rockets :


  • Attack
  • Ground fire support
  • Escort
  • Armed reconnaissance
  • Air-to-Air combat