FZ233 is a lightweight composite material high-drag, straight cylindrical 7-tube reusable launcher designed for helicopter use. The FZ233 is equipped with removable universal dual purpose FZ125 detent mechanism enabling to fire FFAR and WA rockets.

The design of the FZ233 is identical to that of the rocket launcher FZ220, but equipped with a LIU interface (Launcher Interface Unit).

It can be fitted with an optional removable rear fairing.

Reference data

  • Document reference : STB M0233 Technical requirements specification
  • NATO Stock Number (NSN) : 1055-13-118-6720

Mechanical characteristics

The FZ233 rocket launcher system includes a seven (7) tube rocket composite central section.

  • Height : 288.3 mm
  • Width : 243.4 mm
  • Overall length : 1653.5 mm
  • Total mass (empty) : 26kg

Mechanical interface 

  • 14'' NATO standard suspension lugs


  • Firing mode : ripple / single
  • Intervallometry : 80 ms (minimum)
  • Dual purpose : designed for firing both types of FZ 2.75" FZ® FFAR and WA rocket motors
  • Rocket warheads : designed for firing all types of conventional 2.75" FZ® rocket warheads  and are equipped with a remote set fuze