H225M (EC725)

The medium-sized (11t), twin-engine H225M (formerly EC 725) Caracal is a multi-role long-range tactical transport helicopter developed by Airbus Helicopters from the Super Puma/Cougar family for military use.

Although conceived mainly to for requirement such as tactical troop transport, special operations, search and rescue, combat search and rescue, maritime surveillance, humanitarian support logistic ground support, medical evacuation and ship borne operations and for use in a combat search and rescue role, H225M is also an ideal platform to be equipped with rocket launchers providing improved defensive capabilities and an organic ability to reduce threats in an operating zone where an H225M might be operating without supporting air cover.

FZ225 light-weight composite rocket launcher - fully qualified on H225M - is an enhanced weapon to increase all-axis, stand-off, and precision capabilities.

70 mm rocket system

Versatile 70 mm unguided rocket system.

  • Rocket launcher :
    • max. 2 x 19-tube rocket launchers (FZ225)
  • Rockets :
    • FZ90 rocket motor with different warheads
    • Growth potential for laser guided rocket (FZ275 LGR)


  • CSAR
  • Attack
  • Ground fire support
  • Escort
  • Transportation
  • Armed reconnaissance