H125M (AS550C3) Fennec

H125M (formerly AS550 C3/AS555 Fennec) responds to military requirements for a cost-effective armed platform with a very small footprint and excellent manoeuverability. It’s one of the most capable armed scout helicopters.

H125M single-engine light utility helicopter is operational in many armies worldwide among others with the Singapore Armed Forces, Ecuador Armed Forces (Ejército Ecuatoriano), Pakistan Army, the Royal Australian Army, the Royal Thai Army, the Brazilian Army (Exército Brasileiro) and Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira), the Danish Army, the French Army (Armée de terre) and the United Arab Emirates Army.

The H125M is mainly for ground support and training missions and it is also used in the utility transportation role. It is also appropriate to be utilised for light transportation, SAR and surveillance missions.

Fennec H125M is fitted with a wide range of weapon systems to suit the operational requirements among others with a light weight rocket launcher providing improved defensive capabilities and an organic ability to reduce threats in an operating zone.

FZ233 light-weight composite rocket launcher - fully qualified on Fennec - is an enhanced weapon system to increase all-axis, stand-off, and precision capabilities with scalable lethality.


70mm rocket system

Versatile 70 mm unguided rocket system (change of rocket type without change of any fixed part on helicopter).


  • Attack
  • Ground fire support
  • Escort
  • Armed reconnaissance
  • Air-to-Air combat