WA (Wrap around) rocket motor FZ90 MOD.2/S

The FZ90 MOD.2/S rocket motor uses a solid double base composite propellant to achieve a nominal total impulse of 680 daN s. A nominal action time of 1.07 seconds produces burnout ranges and velocities of approximately 400 m and 680 m/s respectively when used with a 4.3 kg warhead (FZ71, FZ120, FZ181, FZ319). Using a solid double base propellant results in smokeless and thermal signatures.

The igniter features an integrated HERO and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safe electronic RF filter and EMI filter providing protection against electromagnetic radiation (no risk of accidental ignition). The igniter is retained inside the rocket motor for the duration of motor firing minimizing debris.

Compared to the FFAR rocket motors, FZ90 MOD.2/S has a longer tube, a different nozzle and fin assembly (Wrap Around) and an improved corrosion-less double base solid propellant giving greater trust and total impulse. This results in extended range capabilities (up to 9100m) providing increased platform standoff. Increased velocity and spin rate provide improved trajectory stability for better accuracy to reduce natural dispersion. The launch signature and smoke trail have been significantly reduced thus impacting the survivability of the aircraft positively during a combat mission.

FZ90 is compatible with all types of warheads available in FZ® portfolio.

The FZ90 rocket motor has been optimized for helicopter for minimal dispersion, and is compatible with all current FZ lightweight rocket launchers (FZ233, FZ231, FZ225) or aluminium rocket launcher (M159).

Currently FZ90 MOD.2/S is undergoing an upgrade to reduce debris considerably by more than 90%.

As for all rocket components, the minimum shelf life for FZ90 rocket motor is 10 years under normal storage specification (i.e. temperature between 10°C and 30°C and hygrometry according to FZ specification).