FZ606 Digital Smart Launcher

FZ606 is a straight cylindrical 6-tube reusable digital smart launcher launcher designed for helicopter use. The FZ606 is equipped with removable universal dual purpose FZ125 detent mechanism enabling to fire FFAR and WA rockets.


  • Rocket detection : Reliably detect rocket presence within the tube even in case of misfire or hang fire
  • Rocket identification :
    • Discriminate LGR from ballistic (unguided) rockets and identify LGR (rocket motor, warhead and fuze)
    • Report complete inventory to the Weapon Management System or GSE (Ground Support Equipment)
  • Bi-directional communication with the Laser Guided Rocket
    • Transmit laser code to the laser guided rocket FZ275 LGR in-flight
    • Transmit target, aircraft and environmental
    • data to optimise the  trajectory
    • Get BIT status from LGR
    • Get LOBL status from LGR
  • Extended BIT(Built-In Test)

Product characteristics

  • 6 rounds rocket launcher
  • Full flexibility in terms of rocket hosting  (either 6 LGR, either 6 ballistic rockets or a mix)
  • Maximum dimensions: (L x W x H) :  1900 mm x 320 mm x 320 mm
  • Empty weight: < 40 kg
  • Max weight: <118 kg
  • Maintainable RL (Detent, tubes, electronic board, LEP (Lens External Protection))
  • Service life: up to 30 years and 6000 flight hours with a mid-life overhaul

Reference data

  • Document reference : TBD
  • NATO Stock Number (NSN) : TBD

Mechanical characteristics

The FZ606 rocket launcher system includes 6 tubes :

  • Height : 320 mm
  • Width : 320 mm
  • Overall length : 1900mm
  • Total mass (empty) : < 40 kg

Mechanical interface 

  • 14'' NATO standard suspension lugs


  • Firing mode : ripple / single
  • Intervallometry : 80 ms (minimum)
  • Dual purpose : designed for firing both types of FZ 2.75" FZ® FFAR and WA rocket motors
  • Rocket warheads : designed for firing all types of conventional 2.75" FZ® rocket warheads  and are equipped with a remote set fuze