Versatile 70mm unguided and guided rockets are widely used and highly advanced and combat/attack helicopters or aircrafts in the world for different roles such as CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue), Close Air Support (CAS), Close Combat Attack (CCA), escort, ground fire support and armed reconnaissance.

Associated large portfolio of ammunitions covers various rocket motors and warhead types with scalable lethality with more than a 10 year shelf life.

Different available rocket types specific for each kind of mission extend the combat range, lethality and enhance the precision effects of any platform.


Thales Belgium (BL VTS)  – Rocket system 70mm (2.75”) : FZ122 Flechette warhead


  • Total mass: 5.0 kg
  • Sub-projectile: 2,200 flechettes of 1.3 g each
  • Targets: light vehicles, boats, aircraft on ground