Thales Belgium showcasing its Laser Guided Rocket FZ275 LGR at Paris Air Show (“Le Bourget”)

FZ | Forges de Zeebrugge – Rocket system 70mm (2.75”) : Thales Belgium showcasing its Laser Guided Rocket FZ275 LGR at Paris Air Show (“Le Bourget”)

Apr 27, 2017

Thales Belgium (formerly Forges de Zeebrugge – FZ) takes pleasure in inviting you to meet us on Paris Air Show 2017, the biggest and most important Air Show/Exhibition in the Aerospace industry in 2017, for a closer look at our breakthrough thinking.

At the upcoming 52nd edition of Paris Air Show held in Le Bourget (19th – 25th June 2017), Thales Belgium will showcase a cross-section of its innovation of its product portfolio for modern armed forces.

They encompass not only system solutions for air-to-ground 70mm/2.75” unguided conventional rockets, but will also be presenting their Laser Guided Rocket FZ275 LGR and Scorpion® Helmet-Mounted Display.

Thales Belgium will be at Hall 2B, Booth H31 at the pavilion of Walloon region hosted by AWEX (Walloon Export Agency)

Highlights :

  • SAL-Laser Guided Rocket FZ275 LGR : FZ275 LGR closes the gap between the long-range high-value missiles and the shorter range guns/cannon and unguided rockets, thus affording a full range of precision effects from a platform to defeat soft and light armoured targets.  This rocket complies with the armies’ requirement for precise and reliable ammunitions capable of reducing exposure to danger and minimising collateral damage. FZ275 LGR will reach a hit-target ability with less than one meter (CEP<1m). Due to the Joint Fire Support Team marking the target even moving vehicles progressing at a speed up to 60km/h at a range up to maximum operational range of roughly 6 km can be destroyed.
  • FZ® Rocket Systems :  FZ® 2.75’’ launcher and weapon systems provide the right equipment to OEM and Users, considering Customer requirements.  The latest FZ® 70mm rocket system integrations cover major new programs offering advanced rocket systems combining conventional and guided rockets.

Thales Belgium has a longstanding footprint on the defence export market supplying air-to-round rocket systems 70mm/2.75” to more than 25 active customers and end-users worldwide.

This year, Thales Belgium will host Thales Scorpion® Helmet-Mounted Display for military helicopters (presented by Thales Visionix) on its booth.   As the world’s first and only full-color HMD in production, Scorpion provides dynamic flight and mission data into the aircrew line of sight allowing the user to remain head-up and eyes-out with greatly enhanced real-time situation awareness via a large field-of-view, fully transparent, rugged, optical waveguide assembly. Scorpion provides symbology visible during day missions, and at night superimposed onto standard Night Vision Goggle imagery.

Both THALES - FZ® rocket systems and Scorpion have been selected by Airbus Helicopters for its future military programs, as well as by other helicopter manufacturers.

You are welcome to our pavilion at all times. Please do not hesitate to contact us ahead of – or during – the Show if you have questions or requests.

See you at the 52nd Paris Air Show!