Successful firing for FZ Laser Guided Rocket FZ275 LGR

FZ | Forges de Zeebrugge  – Rocket 70mm (2.75”) : Successful firing for FZ Laser Guided Rocket FZ275LGR

Dec 18 2010

Forges de Zeebrugge, the TDA (Thales) subsidiary and European leader in the field of 70mm rocket systems and rockets, successfully fired its Laser Guided Rocket.

The firing was performed in late 2010 on the test range at Bergen (Germany), on a target (3 m x 3m) located at +/- 5 km from the rocket launcher.

The FZ rocket system used for the firing was identical to the ones implemented on a large range of rotary wings aircraft as Tiger (UHT/ARH/HAD configurations), EC635, Fennec, A109, BO105, etc.

The target was illuminated by a laser designator located near the rocket launcher.

The Guided Rocket hit its target after a nominal flight which demonstrated the manoeuverability, stability, and efficiency of the guiding process.

After the firing tests performed between 2007 and 2009, this successful test performed in real conditions from a complete FZ rocket system is a major step in the development of FZ rockets systems supported by the Walloon Government and German MoD.

This development will extend the existing FZ Rocket system with the capacity to satisfy the requirements of modern Armed Forces in terms of accuracy, avoidance of collateral damages and aircraft vulnerability.

About Forges de Zeebrugge

FZ is a 100% TDA (Thales) owned company located in Belgium in the Walloon Region. It is the world leader for ground-to-air rocket systems and offers a unique global service in its domain. FZ technologies are used in more than 55 countries.

About Thales

Thales is a global technology leader for the Defence & Security and the Aerospace & Transport markets. In 2010, the company generated revenues of €12.1 billion with 65,000 employees in 50 countries. With its 22,500 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements. Thales has an exceptional international footprint, with operations around the world working with customers as local partners.